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Manscaping Services in Allen Texas

Manscaping and Men’s Grooming in Allen Texas

The Manscaping Oasis specializes in providing men’s grooming and hair removal. Whether you prefer trimming, shaving, Brazilian Wax, or sugaring, we take pride in providing the best grooming results possible. In our trade, we work specifically on manscaping and men’s grooming allowing us to be the absolute best at what we do. By trimming, shaving, or waxing body hair, we achieve great results enabling you to show the best body definition and contouring but most importantly, optimal hygiene.

Manscaping: Body trimming and styling in Allen, TX:

Body hair seems to get out of control as we get older. Certain parts of our body start sprouting hair in places we never thought possible, or the ones you have, start to grow to lengths that stop you from walking around bare chested in public.

If you consider yourself to be a rather hairy person, then to go totally smooth is going to be a big change and one that you will have to get accustomed to. Initially a client will feel a different sensation even from putting on clothes.

Starting with a trimming session, is a good way to get used to seeing yourself with less body hair before plunging into shaving or waxing.

Your hair can be trimmed to different lengths to get a more natural look. Grading from a #1 to #4 or you can go #1 all over. It’s completely up to you and if my professional opinion is requested, I will be honest in helping you achieve your best look. I will always groom to suit your personal style.

Trimming does not get as close as shaving, although at #0, it is very close. Not enough to experience that initial period when the hair starts regrowing though.

Trimming is pretty self explanatory. Clients often do this themselves at home. However, to get an even trim and the smooth transitions between regions it’s a good idea to have it done by someone else. For that professional trim, my grooming skills are available.


Men’s Grooming: Men’s Shaving in Allen, TX:

We’ve all had experiences with shaving. Shaving is cutting the hair off level with the skin’s surface with a razor, or blade of some sort.



Relatively painless.

Shaving products these days keep the skin soft and pleasant to the touch.



Hair grows back the fastest.

Water is required in the process.

Manscaping: Waxing for Men in Allen, TX:

Some people can suffer unwanted hair on various parts of the body. It may not pose a problem to you, but sometimes without manscaping, unwanted hairstyles can pose difficulties interacting on a more intimate level with potential partners.


It is best that a couple of days before your session to start showering with a body scrub. There are many forms out there but the main thing is to exfoliate the area that will be waxed.

If trimming needs to be done, please DO NOT trim before our session. It may take a little bit more time but at no charge to you, it’s best that your professional men’s groomer work with the hair in the length that will give ultimate results. Since hair grows in several stages, if you trim prior to waxing there could be a chance that the hair is either too short or too strong and will only come out with tweezers, if at all.

Men’s Grooming: Sports Advantage:

The benefits of waxing to athletes are well known, giving a faster, sleeker advantage over their hairy competitors. Cyclists, swimmers, and body builders all benefit from body waxing. In body building competition, a greater advantage over the competitor is achieved by emphasizing the muscle definition.

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